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Aerial Utility

External Load Work, Cargo and Construction services in KwaZulu Natal and parts of the Free State and Gauteng


Where traditional methods are impractical or impossible, ZAR Aviation is your partner for ‘long-line’ and ‘vertical reference flying’.

Whether you’re transporting cargo, need assistance in construction projects where traditional methods are impractical or impossible, our specialised aviation service offers unique advantages in various industries and scenarios:

Precision Placement of Cargo: Precise delivery of loads to specific locations, even in remote or inaccessible areas.

Heavy Lifting Capability: We can lift and transport heavy items that might be too bulky or heavy for ground transportation, including machinery, building materials, and large equipment.

Construction Assistance: Use ZAR Aviation for tasks like lifting steel beams, air conditioning units, and other large components into place, where cranes can’t reach.

Remote Access and Delivery: We can access remote sites, such as oil rigs, power lines, and isolated natural areas, to deliver equipment and supplies.

Disaster Relief and Recovery: In disaster situations, ZAR Aviation has experience providing vital supplies, equipment, and personnel to affected areas, especially when roads and infrastructure are damaged.

aerial utility

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